New Sports Shooter member

I am now a member of the Sports is an online community and resource for sports photographers and other working photojournalists. It serves as an informative and inspiring site for anyone who aspires to be on the sidelines capturing great moments at their favorite sporting venue.

It took me over two years to get into the organization. I applied once a couple of years ago. My initial membership and portfolio was rejected. After my membership was rejected, I sought the guidance and opinion of a highly respected sports shooter Dennis Wierzbicki from Chicago. After Dennis reviewed my portfolio, he let me know what I needed to work on to improve my sports photography. After a couple of years and thousands of shots later, I picked 10 images and submitted my portfolio once again. Normally to apply to, it is suggested that you have a current member sponsor your membership. The first time I applied, local photographer John Tucker sponsored me. This time I did not use a sponsor. I applied with out a sponsor. According to the membership committee membership applications without sponsors are normally rejected. I was un-phased by the possibility of being rejected, I sent my application and portfolio back in again. Two days later, officially accepted me.

While I am flattered that I was accepted into, I am continuing to work on becoming a better photographer.

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